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800 Series Textured Finger Stalls

Textured Finger Stall


Finger Stalls are made from 100% Natural Rubber Latex. Ideal for small parts handling where a full glove is not required.

Most commonly use in heavy duty electronical industries.

They are also used to keep skin salt and dirt out of cuts or stitches. They are thicker than finger cots with rough surface provides better grip and anti-slip properties Sulphur Free with very low powder contamination, with a special property for anti gripping.

General Features

>> Good for finger protection from pain or injury

>> Textured for better gripping and anti slipping

>> Protect from finger prints and other contamination

>> Better finger sensitivity, soft and durable

>> To prevent from electrical circuit shock

Product Range

>> 801 S Natural

>> 802 S Orange

>> 803 S Static Dissipative Black


General Applications

>> Economical, ideal for light industrial work, office work and
      non sterile medical application

>> Die cast mould makers, manufacturer of press steel parts of
      digital video disc (DVD) drive, cooling fan assembly lines,
      computer assembly,automation parts

>> Manufacturer of automation parts such as alternator, starter,
     field coil, DFA, pulley bracket, brush holder, mould parts,
     ABS-PG, immobilizer and alternator and starter assembly

>> Manufacturer for molding die and plastic moldings

>> Manufacturer and assembly of plastics injection moldings,
     and printer circuit board assembly and sub assembly for
     hope appliance parts.


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